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 306-783-7233(SAFE)  1-888-783-3111
24 Hour Support

Live Without Fear at Shelwin House in Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Protect yourself and your children from an abusive relationship, and learn to live without fear at Shelwin House. Operated by Yorkton Women In Need Inc., Shelwin House in Yorkton is a shelter for women and children fleeing abusive relationships. All services are free of charge -temporary housing, supportive counseling, and basic living necessities. Women involved in abusive relationships can call 1-306-783-7233 (SAFE), or toll-free at 1-888-783-3111 anytime. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Safe, Confidential Housing

Licensed for 14 people, we have staff on duty 24 hours a day to welcome new arrivals at any time during the day or night. Based on the fundamentals of protection and confidentiality, Shelwin House provides you with meals, emergency supplies, clothing, support counselling, advocacy and referrals to agencies such as legal aid, social services and police. Your length of stay will vary depending on your needs. Although we are based in Yorkton, Saskatchewan, we can help/assist with transferring to another shelter.

Let’s Make a Positive Change

We strive to make positive changes in your life by providing referrals to community and government resources. We offer parenting and life skills support while providing the basic comforts of home. Shelwin House has a 24-hour crisis line and assists you in getting re-established in the community. We can also provide you with a helpful community information package.

You Are Not Alone

The staff at the Shelwin House will recognize your individual strengths while helping to rebuild your self-confidence, self-esteem, and acceptance of self and others. We can educate you about the cycle of violence and help you realize that you are not alone. Learn more about the types of abuse and how we assist in re-establishing you in the community. Give us a call and take a step toward an abuse-free life.

Contact Us

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